Should have seen that coming

Should have seen that coming

There’s been a mound of clean clothes sitting in Dash and Ruby’s bedroom for a week. I think I actually heard the pile beg me to put it out of its ignominious-heap misery and just put it in the dirty hamper again. (I might have had two glasses of wine that night.) But I was determined to win this fucking battle. 

So while I made dinner, I sent D and R upstairs to deal with the (talking) pile. Together. At the same time. Concurrently. 

Logical outcome: D farts. R’s olfactory senses offended. R seeks out Febreze to fight rotting smell. D tries to grab can from R and R ends up spraying D. In the eye. With the fucking Febreze. 

Cut to Silkwood-style shower scene. 

Screaming children. 

Cowering dogs. 

Neighbors probably called protective services. 

Motherfucking laundry is still on the floor of the bedroom. 

Little fuckers won tonight. 

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