Lost & Found, Dropped & Gained

Lost & Found, Dropped & Gained

Lost: my way

Found: strength to ask for help

Dropped: Tinder

Gained: everything

Lost: my job in NYC 

Found: my way back to California 

Dropped: Bumble

Gained: more everything

Lost: my self-confidence

Found: friends who reminded me how badass I am

Dropped: my expectations

Gained: being pleasantly surprised

Lost: the need to please everyone

Found: the need to please myself

Dropped: a shit ton of money

Gained: one week of having someone else parent the spawn at sleepaway camp

Lost: my way again

Found: the path to being whole is not a straight line

Dropped: pretense

Gained: more authentic relationships

Lost: track of who I am

Found: my way back to what’s important

Dropped: the ball

Gained: new respect for calendaring EVERYTHING

Lost: the thread of many conversations

Found: joy of tangents

Dropped: more shit tons of money

Gained: vacation with the spawn

Lost: sleep over a man

Found: he wasn’t worth it

Dropped: five pounds

Gained: five pounds

Lost: another five pounds

Found: a way to accept my new, menopausal body

Dropped: concern about those five extra pounds

Gained: time and emotional energy to be a better parent

Lost: money because of a bad choice

Found: a way to forgive myself and move on

Dropped: my defenses

Gained: possibility of finding love again

Lost: my anxiety about what others think of me

Found: the ones who matter think I’m amazing

Dropped: the mic

Gained: my voice

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